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Service quality reports and Data center services


Dear All,

Do we have a way to exclude the Datacenter services from the Service quality reports, and only the OneAgent instrumented hosts should be considered for the Top 5 infrastructure problems?




As I know, there is no way to modify how reports are generated. You can create your own reports using API and some external tool.


Hello @sebastian k.

I guess, the Service quality reports should not consider the Datacenter services/hosts, which can mislead the information in various situations, for example, in our case all the Citrix Software Services/Hosts were pointed out for infrastructure problems.



You're right. In general we are not using those authogenerated reports at all, we have some cockpits and we are making reporting based on them.

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Babar! Service quality reports will soon be replaced by dashboard reports (check out our, because they have the major advantage of being fully customizable. Do you see that addressing your needs? If not, what would you be missing?

Hey @Roman W. The SQR will be removed? I dont see how the dashboard right now can replace such tool.

In fact Reports are more like a C-Level Report, while dash are more... Ops(DevOps/NoOps, what ever).

Hi Dante! What's the differentiator that you see between a report and a dashboard?

Hello @Roman W.

These reports with the Dynatrace score liked by the business to understand the trend in a glance.

Dashboard enhancement is a magnificent step, also, I would favor having these reports available.

Provide us a feature to exclude the Datacenter services from the Service quality report or this should be done automatically by Dynatrace.