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Setting up a Synthetic Monitor from Private Server


I've stood up a server and created a Windows Environment ActiveGate selecting "run synthetic monitors for a private location." I downloaded the installer, ran the installer CMD and verified it was installed.

I then went to Synthetic and to setup the monitor for our intranet web applications as a "browser monitor", but it only shows Public locations.

I can select a HTTP monitor instead, but I can't seem to actually hit the application when I set up a simple "GET" and hit the home page's address since it says I'm Unauthorized.

Since the application uses our network's authorization, I then changed authentificaiton to "Basic authentication," and entered in credentials that work when I type them in from the same server in a broser.

I still get a 401.

Side note: I also have "follow redirects" and "Accept any SSL certificate" checked.

Any help is appreciated!



So the new PLM solution is due to be released soon from what Dynatrace have told us and that will be the solution you require

What is PLM?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Have you added the Environment ActiveGate to a Private Location? There are instructions to do this at the bottom of this page.

Yes I have done this.