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Settings>Problem Notification - Filter Broken!


we have noticed the Filtering of values in the Problem Notifications page appears to be broken. When we search for "moo" I should see a bunch of integrations: 


But if I browse through, I can see it: 



Can anyone else confirm this issue as well? we are on Cluster 





Organizer   (received 1.219 on 6/10 around 12pm EST)


It's working for me. It's case in-sensitive, matches on partial words, and matches as I type.






@ct_27 interesting. We just got 219 as well and we are still having an issue where if I Type "Webhook" nothing comes up, but if I click through all the pages and then search for it, it will come up with 4 entries. really odd. 


To be thorough I added a bunch more so that I had multiple pages of problem notifications for which one has "webhook" in the name and was on page 2.  I then did a search for "web" and it properly collected all related items.  I'm on Chrome 91.0.4472.101 and Brave  Version 1.25.70 Chromium: 91.0.4472.77 .


Guessing time for support ticket. Good Luck.

Thank you @ct_27 for testing. It might be a bug isolated to our environment. Ill be sure to open a support ticket and provide the findings back here. 


Hi Chad


Doublecheck which version you're on, and test from both a Chrome and FireFox browser. Ask a coworker to check as well. This will do two things, perhaps fix your issue, but also allow Support to know some of the other troubleshooting steps you've taken. I just tested on my own environment, SaaS v 1.219 and my notifications filter with each letter. Once you doublecheck that, please do open a support ticket if the issue still persists. 


Good luck - 


Bob Crumley