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Support for Scala, Akka


Does anybody know - can Dynatrace support for Scala 2.12, Akka 2.5 and Akka HTTP 10.1 ?

Thanks, Dmitry


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi, you can see the full list of supported frameworks here:

Akka remoting and Akka HTTP are both on the roadmap but are currently not supported.

Hello, Michael. I noticed page, which i didn't see before. Does it mean, that Dynatrace already have possibility to monitor Akka? or Akka remoting and Akka HTTP it's something another than on that's page? if no - please tell me - do you information when it would be supporting?



Regarding the technology support - the page about technology support will just change. It has also an RSS feed so you can check the updates with RSS reader of your preference.

Another question is regarding versions. No limitations to monitoring scala 2.12?

And Akka 2.5 and Akka HTTP 10.1 (if it already supported)?

hello, guys,
i'm little confused. in technologies page i see, that akka framework is supported
Is it mistake on this page?as told Michael "Akka remoting and Akka HTTP are both on the roadmap but are currently not supported". Also i don't see any information about Akka in documentation.
We starting POC and i want to know - does Dynatrace support this technology or not before we'll start it.

Dynatrace Supporter
Dynatrace Supporter

Hi @Michael K. - I have a couple of trial customers keen to know the roadmap for Akka Remote and Akka HTTP support. Any news on that?
Many thanks!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi All,

Beginning with Dynatrace Server v1.152 (or Dynatrace Managed v1.152) and OneAgent v1.145, you can enable Akka Remoting support. See the Beta support for Akka Remoting blog post for details.



Keep calm and build Community!


Is there any support for akka-http yet? Akka-Http is the default underlying implementation for the HTTP services in the Play Framework so this support is of wider interest than just people using Akka-Http directly. So far, Dynatrace only appears to support Play Framework running with the legacy Netty based Http Server.

Hi PJ,

Did you try out the OneAgent beta features (under Server-side service monitoring -> Deep monitoring)

Thanks for the response but akka-remoting and akka-http are not really related.


silly me !!