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Synthetic Monitoring can't be enabled

When the active gate is first installed, the synthetic-monitoring capability isn't enabled back then.

Now, I have added the below snippet in and restart the active gate. But in the private synthetic location there it still says 'invalid configuration'


synthetic_browser_monitors_enabled = false

synthetic_enabled = true

Try to restart multiple times but still nothing change. Everyone has any idea what is happening?


Do you have Linux ActiveGate? According to this doc this feature (http monitors) works only on linux AG.


Yup, Linux indeed.

Hm....wondering what else I might've overlooked

Strange, it is cluster active gate for managed? Or Enviornment for SaaS? Environment for managed will not work

It is an environment active gate for Managed.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Wai! Please post a support ticket describing that issue.