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Tags for Lambda functions


How can we tag for AWS lambda functions?



Isn't Lamba functions existing like services in dynatrace? In such case you should be able to create some tagging rules to add them automatically.


Hello Tarun,

Yep, Sebastian is correct. Your lambda functions should show up under services. If you filter the services page by technology:Lambda Functions you should see them.


David Nicholls

I have lambda functions that run as a cron, but they're not listed in services I guess because of the cron job within AWS that executes them. None of my other services communicate directly with these lambdas. Would still be good to get autotagging available on Lambda functions (the way we can autotag classic load balancers, and RDS databases).

The above solution doesn't apply for Lambda functions detected via CloudWatch integration, but the RFE in the link posted by @ianc addresses that. I'm keen to see that coming into Dynatrace!