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Unable to Create Process Group Naming Rule & Service Naming Rule without predefined Host Property


HI Guys,

In my environment , we do not have any oneagents reporting as of now but we want to create

1) Process Group Naming Rule

2) Service Naming Rule

in advance based on certain host properties.

Those host properties do not exist in Dynatrace Managed Environment because no Oneagent is reporting (as those host properties are defined/created during Oneagent install)

String Used for Name Format ::

{Host:Environment:Stack} {Host:Environment:Environment} {Host:Environment:ServiceCluster} {Host:Environment:ServiceComponent} : {ProcessGroup:DetectedName}

The Dynatrace GUI checks the very first property ( Host:Environment:Stack for instance in my attached screenshots - IMAGE1) and throws an error stating that these host properties are not predefined.

Same behavior is observed while creating this naming rule using the Configuration API(as shown in IMAGE2)

What is my ask here ?

I need to have these naming rules created , so is there a way I can create them when host properties do not exist(because no Oneagent) or is there any way to manually define those host properties in Dynatrace Managed Environment to get rid of this error.


Himanshu Mor


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I don't think you will be able to do this if the metadata does not exists. Typically you can override this via the API as seen when making Management Zones rules with Tags/values that don't exist yet. But as you showed, you are running into that error. are you planning on deploying out the oneagent any time soon?


Thanks @Chad T. for the update ! we will have oneagents at a later point in time but we do need to have the rules created in advance.

I have posted below idea for the same