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Unable to add AMD to NPM Cas


We are trying to add a high speed AMD to our NPM CAS which already has couple of AMD's (highspeed) added to it and processing data fine.

After adding the new AMD, the data processing stops and in the warning message we see like unable to process data due to mismatch with classic and highspeed AMD. We don't have any classic AMD in the farm and not sure why this error comes. We had to remove the AMD and restart the service to start the synchronisation.

The only difference is the existing AMD which is added are running RHEL 7 and the one we are trying to add is Centos 7. Not sure if this is a concern?



Hello @Badri S.

I don't think so that this situation is due to difference in OS because starting with the 2017 release, NAM Probe also works with CentOS in releases equivalent to those of Red Hat.

You can also have a look on the below link for the NAM 2018 backward compatibility.

As you have message of mismatch with classic and high-speed AMD, therefore, first double check everything on your side and then you can open a support case.