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Unable to see the requests in to pivotal cloud foundry application


My app is running on cloud foundry. I have bind the DynaTrace service in PCF. I following problems:

1) Why do I find more than one item when I search with exact app name.

2) I am not seeing any requests under all the apps shown under Transaction and services but when I trace one of the processes via Hosts, I do see lots of requests under the same app name.

Why do I don't see the requests via Transaction and services directly?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Gireesh, I can see you are referring to our Dynatrace SaaS or Managed product.
I have moved your question to the Dynatrace Open Q+A forum. As this forum is for the AppMon classic product.

Possibly some screenshots (remove any sensitive information before uploading) or further explanation to what you are experiencing could assist in understanding better the query you have.

Andrew M.

Andrew M.


@Gireesh P. did you get any clarity on this yet? if not let me know where you are stuck and I will try to provide some clarity for you.