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Use of 8443 port on a Managed Installation version 1.168



the documentation specifies port used in Dynatrace Managed Server Installation (

Related to port 8443 it's said:

We have installed the latest version os Dynatrace (1.168) , so it supposed that 8443 port is not used but we see it used:

The thing is that we the port is still in user:

So the questions are:

- Why is tis port still in use in this version?

- How can we change this port? The Antivirus from customer uses this port, so we have to update it, in case this port still works on 1.168 Cluster Version.

Thanks in advance,



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If you have installed 1.168 (not upgraded to 1.168), then the 443 should be the default port opened on Dynatrace. For all installations that have been installed before 1.168 (and upgraded), the port is still 8443.

It is I think it is possible to change it, but I'd recommend to contact support for providing detailed instructions. I think it is done by changing values in /etc/dynatrace.conf and re-run of the upgrade tool, but I've not tried this, so it might be insufficient.

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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Alberto,

443 only applies to newly installed Dynatrace Managed instances. For backwards compatibility, 8443 is still used in Dynatrace Managed instances that were created before 1.166. This changed has been done to route all incoming traffic through NGINX in an effort to increase performance and ease configuration effort.

However, if you prefer to use 443 you can easily do so in the Cluster Management Console. Just select one of your node, and change the port under the section Customize node endpoints.




we have installed version 1.168 from the scratch . On the other hand it's specified port 443 not 8443 in the CMC node configuration but the port is still in use by Dynatrace in the machine:

Any idea about what's happening?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

8443 is still in use by AG, so you can change it back if you find the new default inconvenient. The change introduced meant to enable simple configuration and utilize single communication port for all components. Nowhere is written you can drop that port.

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