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VMware Monitoring in Dynatrace Managed


Hello friends,

can you confirm that monitoring of vmware platform, in case of Dynatrace Managed, need a dedicated Cluster Active Gate?

(as stated here )

If so why is not possible to use an Environment Active Gate for Dynatrace managed?

Last question, does monitoring of VMware consume any tipe of license?

If the documentation is not clear on the subject where can I notify this?

Thank you for your time


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Typically Cluster ActiveGate is used to forward beacons data from RUM and/or Synthetic. We recommend to not over utilize that with another monitoring type - for instance VMWare.

What is more Cluster ActiveGate is a cluster wide AG - can be utilized by all environments. Depending on the VMWare size you may rather want to have a dedicated ActiveGate per each environment - then better install a separate Environment AG.

No, VMWare per se does not consume additional licenses. But each VM instance consume a host unit.

Does it makes sense to you? Any improvements you suggest here?

Technical Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Thank you dear collegue,

you made some concept clearer; so no license will be consumed on monitoring Vceneters and EsXi hosts.

still I want to point out that while your explaination is very clear the official documentation bring confusion on the subject as I want to show you here (highlighted in yellow):

OK. I'll work with the Documentation team to improve here. Thanks!

That's right. You only use host licenses by monitoring a given VMWare guest instance/host.

Technical Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Super! Have a nice day


No, you don't need a dedicated ActiveGate. The on-premise installation (Dynatrace Managed) will use the embedded ActiveGate running on the cluster node. We use this configuration at several installations.

No VMWARE monitoring as itself will not consume any licenses.

Thank you Julius for your answear!


Hi I have seen an extensive discussion here about the subject that clarify a lot:

I have only one question left: does monitoring of VMware consume any tipe of license?

No, it does not.