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Video playback scenario in Internet Explorer 11.


Good afternoon!

I ask you to tell me, the scenario is being worked out: entering the server - launching Internet Explorer - launching the video in the browser.
The problem is video playback, the recorder defines it as tex. What function to show the launch of the video?


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

If you are talking about Session Replay playback, it will not work in Internet Explorer. Sessions can be recorded in IE, but replay needs webkit browsers. Actually best platform is google chrome and ms edge. You can install there plugin which will fetch static resources like CSS, JS and images to your replay. Only then (when this resources are available for your browser) you can see exactly what user saw. In other cases, view may be broken because of missing styles and images.

install the Real User Monitoring browser extension


Question about webkit browsers, we tried chrome. When writing a script in the recorder, in the script we do not observe a separate video playback window. We need tracking start up video streaming.


I'm sorry, I received additional information from a colleague. The scene described above is not correct.
The correct scenario is what we are talking about:

Log in to Windows - launch an Internet explorer - launch an ATV scan using a built-in media player in Windows.

The problem is to check the synthetics of the launch of the media player and playback, when the media player starts, it is defined as text.

ActiveX * (ATV )

Ok you want to make synthetic test that will check video playback, am I correct?


Yes, this test was previously performed on Windows 7, now we are switching to Windows 2016. The description of objects in the script varies. Yes

I'm not sure in such case. Dynatrace cannot execute synthetic actions on OS level

Maybe I'm wrong in terms, not at the OS level, at the application level of Internet Explorer.

But as well synthetic test is not executed in Internet Explorer, it uses chromium headless engine that is embedded inside robot.


What was the clarification for: Ok you want to make synthetic test that will check video playback, am I correct?

Please tell me where to see the difference between objects in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2016, the question is about standard applications

Sorry I don't know how to help you. I cannot understand the real issue. Maybe somebody else will do 😞

real problem, trying to write a script using a recorder, script script:

Login to the Windows server 2016 - launch the Internet explorer browser 11 - go to the company's internal portal - launch the video. Video in browser launches ActiveX Microsoft Media Player

The syntax for starting a video is needed, successful not successful.

Dynatrace Managed is not able to execute string this type. It cannot login to operating system and launch browser. For the web part of your request, you can just record clickpath in synthetic test definition.


The main problem is in the web. The video launch window is not correctly detected on the web, after starting it becomes static

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

@Ivan G. From my understanding of the question and the current functionality of Dynatrace, This is not possible. Its important to note that Dynatrace's Session Replay is a reply of the users view as they interact with your application. If you are looking to do a synthetic test with a click path then this only will work with web accessible applications/UI's. Furthermore, Dynatrace is most compatible with Chrome rather then IE. Keeping in mind that session replay will record for playback the users recorded session, but it will not use IE for Synthetic Click path Tests.