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What HOT (Hands On Training) Topics shall we include for PERFORM 2021?

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Dear Dynatrace Community,

As every year, we are going to have HOT (Hands On Training) days prior to the main conference tracks at PERFORM. Every year, we try to pick a good set of topics ranging from Getting Started with Dynatrace, dashboarding, infrastructure monitoring, cloud native, leveraging Davis for better Auto-Remediation to integrating Dynatrace into your DevOps Tool Ecosystem.

For PERFORM 2021 we want to make sure to include topics that are RELEVANT FOR YOU - our community. Therefore, I encourage you to post comments to this questions about the topic you like to be covered in a HOTDAY. I also encourage everyone to provide feedback to suggested topics as this also helps us shaping the final HOTDAY agenda.

Thanks a lot for your input!



Custom metrics, charting, DDUs

Digital Performance Optimizer

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Here are a few so far, but I am sure ill have more over the next few days

Setting up Kubernetes via helm charts

Setting up Kebernetes via cluster connection

Reviewing Audit Logs - SaaS

Autonomous cloud set up

Automatic Tags

- How to set up automatic tagging

- Best practices

Setting up and Leveraging Network Zones

Setting up the Dynatrace Mobile App for Alerting

Setting up and Leveraging the Dynatrace UFO for Visual alerting


  • A beginners guide for Environment Dynatrace API (I find it difficult to use the API explorer. OASv3 Schema is too technical for me.)
  • Performance as a Service using Keptn
  • Serverless / Azure Function

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

This is a mix of both what I hope to see and hands on.

Just remember, you asked 😉

What I hope to see and hear about in detail

  • Road map (next 6 months)
    • Are there any plans to enhance or provide new feature sets to DAVIS around website content monitoring?
    • How will customers be able to take advantages of new features.
    • Status of Dynatraces focus on GCP and Stackdriver.
    • Any advances coming with mobile devices and Dynatrace.
    • Security and administrative control changes.
    • Future of Solaris support
      • Will there be an expected end of life announced within the next year?
      • Any additional enhancements?
    • When and how will setting quotas around licensing consumption of all pools be handled
    • Can we expect to see a change in both the licensing model of log monitoring and the option brought back to keep logs local.
    • When can we expect major enhancements of the dashboards that include more tiles and dashboards that are more interactive with mouse hover data?
    • What is the plan forward with Management Zones? What are their true intent?
    • Are there plans to support Terraform?
    • Will and if so, when will auto logs become available for viewing within Dynatrace?
      • Will you offer a plan to extend storage of audit logs beyond 30 days at additional cost?
    • What (if any) are the plans around messaging queues, for example Tibco EMS in Dynatrace out of the box?
      • Just seeing a queue and its performance does not get down to the true metrics needed such as queue depths, age, etc.
      • While a plugin was released, it still does not treat each queue as its own entity making it impossible to tag queues.
    • Timeline on when we can expect to see global naming rules configurable from the UI?
    • Status of an online plugin catalog.
    • Status of what Dynatrace plans to bring to the security world that was talked about at PERFORM in the past.
      • Are there enhancements coming to the AI to start being used in a security manner as well?
    • If, when, and how does Dynatrace plan to start to tackle some of the designed elements of the UI?
    • Cross tenant capabilities that might be coming or what I like to refer to as a "hive" approach
    • What is the status of the augmented reality Dynatrace was testing?
      • Are there plans to expand this to more affordable VR units such as Oculus and more
    • Licensing
      • DDUs
        • Why the change and what benefits does it bring
        • Best practices and methods for tracking DDU usage
      • Make the customers life easy
        • Are there any plans to produce a type of worksheet where customer contract information can be entered (pricing, etc.) that would then allow for a customer to just punch in things such as how many hosts, total memory, cloud only, full stack, etc. to see what potential cost might be? Somewhat like the Dynatrace spreadsheet calculator the sales reps use, but more detailed and catered to the customer.
      • Forecasting
        • Are there plans to provide a forecasting model within Dynatrace where licensing consumption projects reports could be created? These feels like it would be a perfect case for DAVIS since it has all the data it collects over time and this would be a tremendous help to customers.


  • Kubernetes
    • Best practices for deployments with Dynatrace in GCP
    • Deployment methods
      • Deamon vs the Kubernetes configuration screen in the Dynatrace UI
    • Pros, cons, do's, and don'ts
  • Building dashboards that focus on licensing consumption
    • Approachs
    • What metrics are offered
    • Methods of segregating usage by team of a department
    • Best approach with working models on how to forecast potential licensing consumption
  • Methods, examples, and requirements to show true dollars in comparison to issues
    • Providing the business with real money loss / gain directly tied to what Dynatrace is telling you about your business
  • Auto ticketing, CMDB, and ServiceNow
    • Best practices
    • Deployment methods, planning, things that should be well planned
    • What is truly required in terms of resources

WHEW! I am sure I will have more and add them as I think of them 🙂


Hi. Question on your Hand on Trainings: for Elastic Search -> do you mean how to monitor Elastic? or is this in reference to deploying dynatrace managed?

Sorry for the late response @Andreas Grabner - Been swamped over here 🙂

I am going to remove that one from my list above.

We ran into a challenge where we can not use the Elasticsearch OneAgent extension due to two reasons we determined working through a Dynatrace support case (SUP-47631).

One is due to how the team deployed and configured Elasticsearch and the other is a need to expand on the configuration options and methods of communication with the Elasticsearch OneAgent extension. Details on it all can be found in the Dynatrace support case SUP-47631.

So, really this would be a best practice approach to take up with Elasticsearch rather than Dynatrace. Thanks @Andreas Grabner!


Feature Road Map on Reporting

  • Do we have the reporting features of AppMon in Managed?
  • Can we schedule a custom .xls/PDF/csv reports of dashboards.
  • Similar reports(Gomez portal) templates for synthetic scripts


  • Dashlet specific/dashboard specific resolution change option
  • Using of request attributes as filters in Service OR request dashlets


  • Prioritize the licenses for specific hosts/host group instead of first-come-first-serve


  • Cloud storage account used as file system to dynatrace managed
  • Cloud Event hub monitorings
  • Any new features of cloud monitoring


  • Now dynatrace will club all the issues into one problem, It will be good if it only merge the issue based on the types Application, key services and infra issues as separate problems
  • Problem will have the different description when it Open and closed.
    ex: problem open with process unavailable description
    • closed with Failure rate increase
  • Problems for key metrics/key request


Love to see more expansion on last year DT managed class for administrators. How are the tools being expanded to help us administer large scale on premise solutions?

We have many RFE's out there like and how best to managed the entire cluster alerting without having to drill into 350 plus systems etc.


- Hands-on : How to monitor Kubernetes the best way with Dynatrace. You made a lot of improvement on Monitorin Kubernetes on the last 6 months. I would like a sum up of all of that and what is coming next

- Hands-on on the latest improvement on RUM/SessionReplay for website and Application

- Hands-on : Best practices to monitor application - Feature maybe not very known (custom attribute, baseline tuning, get variable from a method parameter ...)

- Roadmap for next year (Dynatrace SDK working on alpine, auto instrumentation of Python, monitor external services (only metrics) out of the box)

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

A lot has been said, but I would add the following that are also important for me:

  • API integration with existing IT applications (eg. ITSM alternatives to ServiceNow)
  • OneAgent and Activegate extension development
  • Memory profiling
  • Mainframe monitoring
  • ALR deep dive
  • Cloud/AWS/Azure monitoring
  • VMware monitoring deep-dive
  • Oracle Insights

Antonio Sousa