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What counts as "Other processes"?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Many hosts now also show an entry in the process list labelled as "Other processes".

What does "Other processes" actually represent?

Most important processes (i.e. suitable for deep monitoring) are listed in the Host details page, others that we see running on the host are listed when we drilldown to the complete process list, this including even technologies that we label as "Other", yet there's also this entry for "Other processes".

Any idea what rules we have for this entry?



I think those are processes that do not fall into any of the categories of detected processes:

So basically processes of unknown technologies, without TCP listening port, without significant CPU/Memory/Network usage) and without custom process detection rule definition.

But a clear definition in the documentation would be definitely appreciated.

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The "Other processes" unfortunately does not have any process group identification.
You can see running processes in the debug information when downloading Support archive from the agent (see processesSnapshot.log and other files), but might not be easy to figure out which process did the load. But at least you will have a clue what is running on the host without touching the host itself.

Many other monitoring tools I've seen also cannot identify the particular process generating load unless it is explicitly defined to be monitored. In Dynatrace you can do that with process group detection rules.

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It should include everything other that what is seen here in the list, basically would be processes of type/technology which are not supported by Dynatrace/OneAgent.


You can split out ones that are in other processes to always show if you want to.


Hi All,

I am in the same situation where we are unable to get the detail from Dynatrace as it is showing the top consumed process is "other process". We are forced to suggest some other tool to the client for getting the required details which are a very questionable thing. The client is asking why Dynatrace is not able to get the details which are intended to get from Dynatrace.

Kindly share if any document addressing "Other process" thing in Dynatrace

I also quite interest to know the answer to this as well.

I think at least the 'Other processes' should gives some other additional hints for examples, PIDs, ports etc etc...


Dear All,

How to interpret the following?

The CPU utilization was 99%, during that time 53% was taken by the known process and 37% taken by the other processes.

The situation is that the traffic was far higher for the other processes than the traffic to/from the known process.

Which process(s) has/have received/sent the huge traffic?



Hello @Larry R.

The OS is AIX.




Depends... Is this on Solaris, Linux, or Windows? I see this all the time with Solaris.


Actually, if anyone needs the info, you can find which processes are grouped under "Other processes" by downloading support archive for the host and looping through processesSnapshot.log in the

Here is a one-liner:

unzip -f && unzip -p "AGENT/*/logs/os/processesSnapshot.log"| awk '/Group name:/ { if (group!="") print "Unrecognized PG:",group; $1="";$2="";group=$0;}; /Monitoring rule used:/ { print "Recognized PG:",group; group=""}' processesSnapshot.log |sort && rm

This prints out a list of known process groups that will be shown in Dynatrace UI and as well as those hidden ones:

Recognized PG:   sshd
Unrecognized PG:   agetty

If you need details, just check the processesSnapshot.log for more information.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Hi Julius, what OS did you use to parse out the .zip file?

I used Linux as it is the OS I use for work.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner