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What is the difference between SaaS and on-premise in terms of feature offerings?


  1. On managed, data retention are controlled by you (by extending storage)
  2. On SaaS you don't need any special configurations to monitor mobile apps (iOS, Android) by RUM, on managed you have to use cluster active gate (with public url)
  3. On managed you can turn on bind values capturing on databases
  4. On Saas you can use dynatrace mobile app for problems analysis out of the box, on managed you have to have cluster activegate with public url.
  5. On Managed you can use LDAP and SSO (on SaaS it's eap as I remember)
  6. On Managed you have access to server logs

These are main differences I have in mind. In general both are comparable products.


How about Synthetic monitoring?

You can use synthetic in both solutions. But you will need cluster active gate with public endpoint as well: