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What's the difference between Dynatrace Managed and Appmon?



What are the differences between AppMon and Dynatrace Managed?

What is the best choice?

Is it worth buying both?

I would like to monitor Java and PHP applications.



Hi Thiago,

if this is a new installation without existing AppMon footprint the answer is to go forward with Dynatrace Managed. Beside covering Java and PHP from a code-level perspective (which AppMon does great as well) Dynatrace has extensive built in support for modern container and cloud architectures and very broad "infrastructure" monitoring capabilities covering process level network health and log files among other things. This together with the built in AI layer brings a lot of additional value for DevOps teams monitoring large production environments, helping finding the root cause faster.


Thank you Andreas.

A few more questions.
Is it possible to install the two solutions in the same Datacenter?
If so, is it possible to install only one agent that will send the information to each of the servers? Or is it necessary to install their respective agents? Would it degrade Host performance?

I looked up the Managed documentation and comparing it to AppMon is very little information.

You can't use AppMon and Dynatrace Oneagent on the same server for monitoring the same technologies. Both Oneagent (from Dynatrace) and AppMon agents are different and can't report to the other collector/cluster.