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Why do we get the following error - Restart this process to gain full visibility into critical process- and service-level metrics


I am facing a scenario where one of the processes jp*launcher.exe stopped monitoring and also not sending alerts. I see the following solution "Restart this process to gain full visibility into
critical process- and service-level metrics". Any reason why this is happening? Attached the error snapshot.





Hi Paul,

If this process was being monitored in the past and it stopped being monitored abruptly, you may need to open a Support ticket. I will suggest restarting the process and if the issue reoccurs then open a Support ticket.



The question also is if somebody didn't disable full stack monitoring on this host (accidentally). After such operation, starting monitoring again may require restart. But you also should check agent logs on monitored host. There should be information what happened in time when monitoring was stoped.



Thanks @sebastian k. and @Ugochukwu N. Can you help me understand what is the purpose of the jp*launcher.exe process. It looks like it was added automatically as part of the Dynatrace agent setup on Windows platform. Will it affect any services if this is stopped running? is it mandatory to fix this error?

I don’t think it is any part of Dynatrace OneAgent. I’ve checked my envionmrnents and there were no such exe file. Are you sure that it is not part of your application or part of system app?


Thanks Sebastian for checking. I confirmed with my team and looks like its not part of my application and this exe probably got picked from one of the Windows boxes where the agent got installed. I have informed my team to get rid of the alert/process.