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Why is the sticky session required? (Dynatrace Managed with clustered proxy)



According to document, the sticky session is required for the communication between Dynatrace Managed Cluster and Mission Control.

but the proxy must allow web sockets and, if the proxy is clustered, it must provide sticky sessions for web socket communication.

Could you tell us why the proxy must provide the sticky session for web socket communication if the proxy is clustered?

Best Regards,
Noah Kobayashi


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello Noah,

Below information taken from the internet where sticky session for web socket communications explained.

  • A websocket is an open tcp connection where server or client can send/receive data at any time. The connection is open all time, there is no need to reconnect to a server unless the connection is lost.
  • If a connection is lost, the load balancer would have to implement load balancing at the tcp layer. This is because the websocket protocol does not have metadata (In http and xhr, there are headers send in each request and response). However, websocket connections can be negotiated using http upgrade negotiation.
  • As a result, http specific headers for websockets can be send over http in order to establish a connection, and of course normal http headers and cookies.
  • If a connection is lost, the http upgrade negotiation happens between the load balancer and the browser. The load balancer can therefore use a sticky session cookie in order to send the connection to the correct server.




Hi Noah,

I'm not sure that the documentation is up-to-date here. Dynatrace uses a nginx to manage sticky sessions. (this feature has been GA since 138)

best regards

Hi Franz,

I checked the article. But it seems that the article says the connection between Web UI and Dynatrace Managed Cluster.
My question is about the communication between Dynatrace Managed Cluster and Mission Control.

Or, it is needed the same requirement for the communication of Web UI and Mission Control?

Best Regards,

Noah Kobayashi