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Why still Log-Volume in POC license, when DDU has already replaced it for log analytics?

Existing Customers already has their Log Volume converted to DDU, and I can verify that in the CMC page.

(i.e I only see 3 circles in 'licensing' page of CMC, which are HU, DEMU and DDU)


But even nowadays, sometimes for some of the POC, the license generated still consisted of Log Volume (i.e I see 4 circles in 'licensing' page of CMC, namely HU, DEMU, Log Volume and DDU)


Why is that? This can cause a little confusion.

One of the example, prospect ask what is this log-monitoring about. We explain its capability and eventually tell them later it will (it WILL? or it already IS?) be consuming DDU instead of Log Volume. Then prospect ask why the extra step of estimating how much Volume to be used and then convert it to estimated DDU need. Why not just estimated how much DDU needed from the very beginning?


Of course I can answer "Dynatrace is in the midst of changing that", but given that existing customers already has log volume converted to DDU, I can't just answer that confidently.


Or is there something else I am missing here?


Best Regards,

Wai Keat



Log Monitoring 2.0 is not yet available on Managed, only in SaaS. I believe it is expected to arrive on Managed in Q3. Thus for Managed you still have the legacy Log Monitoring which is licenced separately and not using DDUs.