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WordPress default database

Hi guys,

Customer monitor WP applications and we see among the databases one called <default>

When checking the statements we see that there is no From clause

Those statements are coming from different applications

Any idea how to add those statements to the right databases?




Why do you think those statements are from different applications? On your screenshot, there is just one service calling this mysql. Those statements must have been captured from the service calling the MySQL database.

Statements on the screenshots are not SQL DML statements, but are valid mysql commands.

Hi Julius,

First thanks for your insight.

We don't think that there are few services that are calling this DB , we know. We just need to separate the PHP-FPM process with environment variable or with host group an then probably we will see few <default> db services and few calling services.

Question here is more on why there is default db in first place

The difference between the statements with in thos DB's is that there is From clause for all of the other DB's than the default


It looks like statements from phpmyadmin or something like that. As @Julius L. said, check what service is caller of those statements?


Hi Sebastian

Thanks for you attention here too