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activateGates unable to connect to managed cluster monitoring data lost



The activeGates for a customer environment could not reach the managed-cluster for more than 1 hour. When the connection was restored we lost all the monitoring data within that time frame,

Anybody suggestions about what could be the cause?

KR Henk


Did you checked logs on ActiveGate? There should be more detailed message about reason of connection lost. In most cases this may be issue in your network. Maybe somebody unfortunately changed network rule? ActiveGate doesn’t store data, it’s in general proxy. There is some buffer as I know but not for an hour.



Hi Sebastian,

lots of community answers about Ag storing data )-; your answer makes more sense. The only question then would be why did the Ag not tell the agents to stop sending data.

(underliying the issue was a firewall issue)

I will have a look at the log’s to see if there is extra info to be found.

What ever the reason, it does not sound that this is expected behavoir.

thank for you reaction.

KR Henk

AG not saying such things to agents. Agent has some buffer but it is not very big (mostly fo 20 minutes, depends on amount of traffic). If it can't send them because of AG is unavailable, data are overwritten.


Here you have info about cache'ing options of OneAgent and ActiveGate.