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dynatrace as a static library while setup oneagent with cocoa pods


Hi ,

We are using cocoapods method to instrument and set up user experience monitoring in our iOS mobile apps. The query which is raised by the application team while doing this is, the static library maintains a async callback watchdog for any event in web view so please provide any bench marking data w.r.t to battery and processing thread consumption in this process. And also want to know, as this library will get integrated in mobile app, hence is this library approved as per OWASP guidelines or not? Please help me with this. And also provide document or reference link if there is any. Thank you.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

We do not have a polling meachnism or kind of watchdog regarding web views in the iOS agent. Can you be a bit more specific what you are referring to? Might it be something inside the WebView e.g. from a JavaScript agent?

Thank you Patrick H.

I would like to know that does javaScript agent poll the DT cluster or environment active gate to any frequency while communicating to send the user sessions data ? Is there any timeout mechanism between these two?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I'm not sure if I correctly understand what you are asking for. if it is about the JS agent polling to calculate session timeout: no it does not