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easyTravel can't inject Java Script Agent

Hi guys,

We are trying to run easyTravel 2.0.02845 on a machine and to see the traffic in DT SaaS.

We can see Mobile traffic under easyTravel Demo application but nothing is shown under the Web easyTravel Demo AMP Agentless real user monitoring application that we set up.

We copied the JavaScript tag from the setup of the AMP application to the AMP part at the bottom of file but no traffic is shown under the Web easyTravel Demo application.

In launcher.log we sees the follow error for each Browser visit that is generated:

Launche WARNING [JavaScriptAgent] JavaScript has not been injected! UEM enabled? Verify that User Experience sensor is placed and injection is configured correctly.

What are we missing here?

There is also at the start of launcher.log the follow error, but we don't think it connect to our issue

Launche SEVERE [JavaScriptAgent] syntheticTestDefinitionId is not defined or the syntheticTestVuControllerIds are invalid in the easytravel config properties. Simulated ruxit synthetic data will be worthless and therefore ignored when sending UEM-Load traffic! To simulate synthetic visits you have to manually create a synthetic app, afterwards the config property syntheticTestDefinitionId must be set to the app id of this application!

Please advice

Thanks in advance

Yos @gil g.


Reinstall the oneagent solve this issue