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In a particular .Net application, Global.asax appears to be having a contribution of more than 90% in IIS Modules.

Developers have told that it was used before, but it's not being used anymore. They say that global.asax isn't there anymore. I have never come across global.asax in the past, but it seems that global.asax would be in the root path of the application:

Is there someone that has more information on this, or eventually has seen this in the past?


Hi @Antonio S.

We have came across this gloabl.asax lately, in one of our POC's , and dynatrace point out that on the same time global.asax was in the top list of IIS internals modules, that there was pick of retransmissions over the network on the DB side that cause a queue on the returned information from the DB to the applications.

Having said that, after rechecking now the very same environment, its seem that the global.asax is still with us, so the mystery around global.asax is not solved yet 😕


Hi Yos,

Did you manage to view the global.asax file? Was there something in it suspicious?

Nop, will ask to get it and will update