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how to clone a management zone


Hi Everyone,


for testing purposes we like to clone existing MZ and then tweak them , is there a way to clone/copy  them without manually recreating every entry?


thanks in advance!


Frequent Guest

You should be able to use the API to get the parameters of a zone you want to copy, then paste that info into to create a new one




The steps to follow are:
- Create a token with read & write configuration  permissions
- Retrieve the ID from your Management Zone with  GEt /managemetnZones API (or on the Dynatra UI URL when editing the MZ)
- Retrieve the info from the MZ to copy : GET /managementZones/<id>
- POST /managementZones using the body previously retrieved, remove the Id before submitting and change the Management Zone name to the new one

You can use Postman or Dynatrace Monaco ( if you plan to repeat this process again and again. Also you could add a clean up step to remove that info created