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how to do url monitoring


I have a URL and I want to set up its monitoring, how can I do so?



This can be done 3 ways.

1.) HTTP Monitor

2.) Browser Monitor

3.) Click Path Monitor

To Create any one of those options, select the "Synthetics" tab on the left hand side. your Http Monitor is the most basic and cheapest option. Basically a ping check up/down. The Browser monitor is the next level up, where you synthetically access the page and collect metric data on this entire transaction. It costs more but provides alot more data then the Http monitor. Click Path Monitor is the most expensive, where it adds to the power of the Browser Monitor. You will now be able to make click events for your test. For example you want to synthetically test your amazon cart. your test will consist of going to amazon, then typing in car cover, adding that item to your cart and checking out. The system will give you transactional data on all of this. That's the added benefit of click paths.

Each organization will have different use cases where these options best apply. to read more about it check out this link:



Since the question can be view upon from the application level as well...

If you are looking to set up a URL as an application, you will need to be monitoring the host that serves up that web app. Once monitored, you will then be able to define your applications. this can be done by following the following document: