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Did you mean: url is not redirecting to, its returning "page can not be displayed"

Inactive url is not redirecting to, its returning "page can not be displayed". Is there any way to make it work at Dynatrace level?



Sandeep, are you talking about customizing your Dynatrace Managed url? If so, you can find the details here:

If not, could you please elaborate your question.

Rohith, no its not about customization. just like any other popular website, I would like our url does not need to have to hit with https explicitly. If hit with/without http, it should automatically pickup https. In my case, it returns with "page cannot be displayed" if do so. Thanks.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You will have to do the redirection by yourself. You will need a webserver listening at tcp port 80 that will redirect all requests to the https at 443. (For example apache with mod_rewrite module enabled).

Dynatrace managed installation has a built-in nginx (for balancing between dynatrace servers in your environment), but i'd strongly recommend not to touch its configuration.

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