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install predefined version on agent and cluster


We´ve a on-premise dynatrace managed version running on one cluster with 40 hosts with various technologies (from openshift to mainframe z/os).

We´ve disables automatic updating since our company is rather strict there and doesn´t allow "uncontrolled" updating of software or OS.

My plan is to jump to a certain cluster version (for example last to one) and push a few agents also to a new version. After some testing and verfication of the functionality i´d like to push the rest of the agents to the same release.

I´ve seen the docu on about manual updating but i´vent found the URL to download the versions. We want to integrate these versions into our spacewalk system for centralized deployment.

- Can you provide me the link please for cluster and agent versions?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Stefan,

Here is a link to our documentation which shows the latest versions (you will not be able to download the packages from here). Unfortunately, the 'jumping' of versions is not possible for the cluster, the upgrades must be done sequentially, it is also recommended to wait for 24hrs between upgrades. You should see an 'upgrade now' button in the CMC under Settings - Automatic updates. If this is not available to you, you should have emails from Dynatrace with the links to download each upgrade package, this package would need to be added to the CMC (or manually to each node).

This is not the case for the agent upgrades and you should not have any issues with this, the agent updates should be pushed to your cluster and be available to see in the environment in Settings - Preferences - Oneagent Updates (or also the Host group settings).

I hope this helps,


hi Billy,

thank you for your answer. Just for clarification, we get all the update reminders for cluster and agents in CMC but we stopped automatic installation.

Is it possible to get " emails from Dynatrace with the links to download each upgrade package"

We want to integrate dynatrace updates into our spacewalk system.

Hi Stefan,

If you do not get them via email, then they will be sent to your environment via mission control and you will be able to find the cluster package in /opt/dynatrace-managed/installer on each node. The shell script will need to be executed on each node one by one and using the --upgrade argument.

Thank you1