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memory dump local path

Hi guys,

Prospect asks if there is a way to direct the dump file on the local machine to different path then c:\ (in his case window machine) and also if after the dump file is copied to the SGW can it be delete automatically from the local machine?

Thanks in advance



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

In current version, the path to memorydumps is dependent on installation folder. So the customer may change the location, by changing the whole installation folder for OneAgent. Please note however, there may be some changes in this area in upcoming releases.

The memorydump files currently use the standard file aging rules, meaning they will be deleted after 7 days (configurable) or after their count exceeds 10 (configurable). The feature to delete memory dumps immediately after they are sent was discussed in the past and may be added in future versions of the product. Thanks for letting us know, that customers (or at least one potential customer) is interested in that.

Hi Lukasz,

Thanks for your detailed answer!

Hope to see this prospect as customer very soon


Any updated since 2018? Is there any chance to overwrite the default heap dump path?

You can, since OneAgent version 1.199, have a different data storage path yes - valid for Windows, Linux and AIX agents.