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monitoring client server application with dynatrace managed


we have a client with a client server application type and we need to know if will have visibility with oneagents. this application is a client server application is not a web application. is written in c-sharp , .NET, still waiting for the support response about which CLR version is used. we do read this:

and still not sure if dynatrace managed support full stack or not for this type of application?



Hi Robert,

As the page you linked states: "Dynatrace fully supports .NET applications written in C#"

So, yes, I would be inclined to believe that your use case is supported. A client server app is essentially a web app in that a web browser is usually a client reaching out to a web server, etc. Are you saying that this is more of a fat client application? With an app running client side? If so, you may not have full visibility there, but I recommend doing a small POC and instrument on a small number of hosts and see what you have out of the box.



i am not a native english speaker, maybe the term ¨fat client application¨ is what i miss from my first question, yes this application is a client-server oriented and use fat client running on the client machine side. i will ask for a POC for this thank you Hayden!