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oneagent support for linux ppc big endian


is there plan to develop oneagent for linux ppc big endian (on ibm power 7,8) ?


thanks, and how about long term ones ?

we are not excluding that at some point we will add support for this platform if there will be enough interest on the market for it.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

to be clear we do support little endian.

thanks, i know about support for le. but after some cleanup it seems that there will be bigger demand for full stack aix agent


I also have a current AppMon customer who is wants to convert to Dynatrace, but cannot because much of their tech stack is Linux PPC BE.



We are also experiencing this issue. The customer expects BE applications to be around for another 3-4 years. This isn't an unreasonable expectation, seeing as RHEL will not retire EL7 until 2024. EL7 on POWER9 retirement date has not even been announced yet. The POWER9 EL7 only became generally available Nov, 2017 - so one would suspect RedHat to support BigEndian for around a further 10 years from that date. So I do not see BE dropping off at a significant rate any time soon.

Andrew M.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Just a quick comment for people watching this thread: please provide your ongoing comments and votes under this RFE.

Thank you.