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reactivate user when initial link times-out

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


When creating a new user in Dynatrace, this user receives an initial link to login and set a pass. When this fails because the user waits to long,the procdure to fix this is: Let the user hit "forgot password" in the login screen, he will receive a new link!

(so to assist, you can also enter the email adress on behalve of the new user and hit forgot)

KR Henk



Hi Henk,

Are you looking for this functionality? As in are you asking for it to be a request for enhancement?

If so, I recommend posting the question here:

The space I linked is the Dynatrace SaaS & Managed Product Ideas, rather than open Q&A. This space is used for all requests for enhancements (RFE). Our staff browses that forum and you can actually see when requests are accepted by the team. Your request is valid, and I think should be seen in that forum.

Hope this helps,