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smartscape not working in latest firefox

in latest firefox (59.0.1) i cannot visualize smartscape in dt saas (either in our own tenant, or in tenant), it gives error page (we have run into technical difficulties...)

in chrome it works ok

any hints for this issue ?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

FYI I have confirmed this as well and see that is has already been reported a number of times so I don't think you need to take any action on this and it is already being worked on. I'll update here if I learn anything new.


it seems working ok now...


It still does not work with the FF version 59.0.2. With Chrome it is OK.

Gabor Toldi

do you use managed or saas ? which version ? for our tenant (saas version 1.141.83) it's working ok with ff 59.0.2.

In fact I tried in the Dynatrace demo environment.

Regards, Gabor Toldi

smartscape for tenant not working actually in ff 59.0.2 (v 1.140.109)