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split service by [AWS] environment


One service is running on 4 nginx process on 4 AWS hosts

2 AWS host are tag with qa [AWS]environment and the other are tag with dev.

Prospect wants to split the service into qa and dev (i.e. 2 services,1 qa 1 dev, running on 2 nginx process)

We have tried to split them with "Service naming rules" without any success

For example the follow rule create service containing all the 4 machines.

What are we missing here?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


This is a common misunderstanding. the naming rules are about "naming" they do not change the identity.

the way to do that is to make sure that the process groups underneath are already split, which can be done with the process group detection rules, which are about idenity of the process groups. Have you tried this?

Hi Michael

I was thinking all the time that I'm kind of special now I understand that I'm a common guy 😞

Have tried this process group but it can only use environment variables and process property

But prospect ask to split the process by the host [AWS]Environment tagging

Is it possible to do?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The problem here is that the AWS tags are not available to the host/agent itself and we can only use things that are available at process startup.

there is no easy and convenient way right now to do this. One option would be to put something into the EC2 instance meta data during startup of the instances. This could then be put into one or more environment variables in the instance startup again and then used.

Not very convenient, but a possibility. Do you think the instance meta data would be ok?

Actually I think it should be possible to supply a script to the user-data at startup that sets Environment variables to be used by pg detection

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the information and suggestions. will update prospect with that