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tag docker containers



Is it possible to automatically tag containers running in Docker in the same way as this is done in openshift?

KR Henk


Not sure how it's done for OpenShift (I don't have any OpenShift nearby), but you actually can automatically tag services/process groups based on rules. You can use values of docker image name/image version/docker container name in your rules. It quite useful and straightforward, although I've encountered few glitches.

Would this fit your case?

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner


Hi Julius,

Thx for your reply, I will give you feedback on this next week, I will have a talk with the application developer.

FYI you define tags in a container description, witch will be exposed to Dynatrace when running in Openshift environment,

KR Henk


If you want to use the DT_TAGS option in Docker has nayone had any success getting this to show up in Dynatrace? Where do you need to place the tag for It to be seen. I have tried a few options and it just breaks the container creation. Thanks Brian

What have you tried so far? That is an environment variable so here is what I found for setting those in docker containers:

I haven't personally played with this yet. It expect it would also pick any set up that way at the docker host level too - not sure what the interaction would be.