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unable to locate hostcustomproperties.conf in %PROGRAMDATA%\dynatrace\oneagent\agent\config


Currently working on a dynatrace managed POC where we will be deploying oneAgent on several workstations to monitor RPA processes. To keep things organized I want to apply unique tagging using the hostcustomproperties.conf file, preventing having to do things manually.

After reviewing this blog post I tried to locate the file in the %PROGRAMDATA% directories but could not find it.

Our OneAgents are on version 1.153.307.20181012-145950.

If someone could please help me locate the file or provide an example hostcustomproperties.conf for me to base my config on, i'd really appreacite it.



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

If you're looking to apply tags you can use the file noted here instead of process proprties as referred to in that blog:

And I haven't tried it and don't see docs yet specifically for it but based on the description in the blog post it looks like you should follow the same format key=value as for that tags config file.



Thanks James, appreciate it. That's exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. What you mean by key value you pair is (e.g,.) tag=WINDOWS_1

Correct, there's an example line in that doc page but it is basically space separated values where it can be either 'just' a tag (e.g. Prod) or a key value like the example you provided.