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web request service vs. static web request service


What is the difference between those service types?

in my environment it looks like that every application (iis or java hosted) always uses a web request service and a static web request service.


From a technical point-of-view it makes perfect sense to apply different detection thresholds to dynamic and static requests and therefore to display them separately.

"Dynamic requests" contain POST, GET, etc. Such resources are very likely to be compiled on-the-fly.

"Static requests" contain Images, CSS, Scripts. They are delivered the way they are, without any compilation or manipulation done on the server side.


yes and no. you described the yes. the no is because in my environment some applications (e.g. IIS) are servicing both types. so if one dies, the other will die too.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Paul,

As Martin said we divided them for technical reasons, resource and dynamic requests have different response time and load characteristics. However we do recognize that this is not the best option from a users point of view and this will change in the future. There will be just one service accommodating all scenarios.

As for your scenario, ruxit does understand that both services are running on the same process(es), thus does know that when the IIS dies so do all services in it.