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webrequest response time alerts in oneagent

Hello Team,

How to create webrequest response time alerts in one agent?




You mean - you should be alerted when the response time is greater than X for a specific web request?

Ya. You are right. We need to be alerted when the thresholds for web request response time is breached.


You can mark the request you want as a Key Request and then set manual thresholds for it.

I would use this only if really necessary though, the automatic base lining should be enough for response time degredation and failure rates in most cases.

Hello Patrick,

Thanks for your response!

We would like to closely monitor thresholds for one particular webrequests. I marked it as key request. But, I dont see an option to get email alert for the same. Can you help?

Those are different things. You can't set e-mail alerts for specific thresholds violations directly.

You can modify the threshold of your Key Request and then set up problem notifications to get emails for your threshold violations.

Sorry to trouble. But, I am unable to find the path to define thersholds for key request and inturn set alerts for same.

Go to the service which handles the key requests and press edit. Then go to anomaly detection -> Set thresholds on key requests

Thanks Patrick. It worked 🙂