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why do I see different GC values in Appmon and managed


Typical max value numbers observed in Appmon for server windows prod server:

Susspension time: 2.9
Gen 0 Collection Count: 155
Gen 1 Collection Count: 90
Gen 2 Collection Count: 33

Typical max value numbers observed in Managed for server windows prod server:

Susspension time: 0.66
Gen 0 Collection Count: 16
Gen 1 Collection Count: 11
Gen 2 Collection Count: 7

We need to understand if there is an aggregation that is not occurring or if there is some other factor that is causing these numbers to be low since migrating to Managed.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

You mean that you observe different values for the same monitored application?


Yes, for same application we are seeing different values.


You have the same app monitored by two products parallel?


no we had Appmon initially after which we upgraded to Managed. we are comparing the old appmon values with the new managed values and found these differences

On Appmon did you use classic or appmon agent? I'm asking because Appmon Agent is built on OneAgent. It has less overhead (in some cases) and if you had classic previously, here can be some difference. As well question is about possibly code or amount of traffic changes between measurements. Throughput is the same? Utilised Host resources looks similar?


It was classic and yes its the same throughput / code / traffic . If its a minimal difference we can understand it , as the value seems to be much less in Managed then AppMon there is a question of what constitutes this .

I've seen such difference after switching from classic to appmon agent. I've got information that appmon agent (based on oneagent) is making some measurments in different way. Dynatrace as well told me that new agent is instrumenting application differently which causes less ovehead for application. So this all may be reason of such behaviour.