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x-dynatrace header missing from logs


I'm surprised I'm not seeing the x-dynatrace header name in the "Supported semantic attribute keys" on the "Log Monitoring API - POST, ingest logs" documentation page.
Is it because Dynatrace relies only on the trace_id attribute to link a trace to ingested log lines?

I have logs from a backend service that I cannot monitor with OneAgent, this service receives requests with the x-Dynatrace header generated by an instrumented Android app. We asked the team in charge of maintaining this service that for each request received with the x-dynatrace header they write it in all the log lines that are generated by the treatment of that request.

Is there a way for us to enrich the logs with useful data from the x-dynatrace header in order to link the log lines to the trace originating from the first request (the one from the Android app) ?