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Dynatrace associate exam preparation



I know there are already discussions about it but I'm preparing for the exam and before doing it I want at least to be sure that I'm doing it in the right way.

I'm passing the mocking test at DT University with good marks but it doesn't give me that confidence because, in the end, the questions are the same every day even if I would like to have more new questions.

I've already used my trial but in the end, all I can really testify is some scenarios with my VM and docker and the rest like Vmware, OpenStack, Kubernetes, AWS, etc it's not possible to testify because I have no such environment to access.

The documentation is useful, yes but in my opinion, it gives you a lot of info (obviously) and in my opinion, a lot of information lead you to nowhere, or at least it won't help you to focus on crucial point for the exam.

Is there any way to compare my knowledge about dDynatrace before giving the actual exam?

Thanks in advance for your suggestion and help

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Hi Lucio,

I consulted with the Dynatrace University team and they suggest reviewing the blueprint. It states "The Dynatrace Associate Certification is intended for individuals who have theoretical knowledge and approximately six months of hands-on experience with Dynatrace."
So it is recommended you have hands-on experience, and not necessarily just trial access. It also recommends the Associate vILT.

Hello, how does a simple home user who does not have the opportunity to gain 6 months' experience with the infrastructure prepare for the exam? Thanks!

It could help you to use


The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.

DynaMight Helper
DynaMight Helper

Hi, I can try to help if you like. can you send me an email?

Dynatrace Certified Professional

What is your email?



Dynatrace Certified Professional

Dynatrace Certified Professional




Gillet, good afternoon. 

If possible try to help me. I am trying to prepare for dynatrace associate certificate 

my email is

Hey @Kenneth, 


Can you please send some updated reading material in case if you have it ?



Hi Ken, I am interested to get help from you for Dynatrace Associate Certification. My mail id: or else pls give me ur mail id i will contact you

Please send me email

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Hi Ken, I tried sending mail to, but email not getting delivered to this, if there is any alternate mail id pls let me know

it definitely works.

I got email from Dynatrace on your note.  Try again , maybe a fluke.

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Still I am getting failure notice, not sure why Tried 3 times. If you have got email from Dynatrace can you pls reply, my email is


Dynatrace Certified Professional

Thanks Ken

Could you help me too?


Dynatrace Certified Professional

Hey, could you help me too? Thanks.

Hey, could you help me too. . Thanks

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Check Dynatrace Associate Cert it got nice collection of questions and answers, there are some more collections there if you search for dynatrace.



dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace primer partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel

Does quizlet get updated ? How often ? just in case ..


DynaMight Helper
DynaMight Helper

To all, send me an email if you want my info -

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Email delivery is getting failed to  your Email  ID.

Could you help me too


Hello, I found a valid dumps for the axam, I used it beside documentation for terminology that exists in the dumps and I passed the exam 🙂


I scored 85. You need to study some steps in documentation to implement monitoring in mobile app. This content is not explained in any material and in taste of test. About 6 questions are out of any study material listed above. 


I uploaded my notes to this link. Feel free to download it.

Thanks for contribution ... 

was the test taken recently?


yes. I did it in the begin of this month. pay attention to oneagent integration. this topic is not well covered in any material on internet. In official documentation has something to read about it. 

Thanks! Taking it later this month 🙂

DynaMight Helper
DynaMight Helper

Time to pass the baton to someone else.  I have helped many people and so would like someone else to send out info in email.  Any takers?

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someone please send me information on my email id -