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Dynatrace associate exam preparation



I know there are already discussions about it but I'm preparing for the exam and before doing it I want at least to be sure that I'm doing it in the right way.

I'm passing the mocking test at DT University with good marks but it doesn't give me that confidence because, in the end, the questions are the same every day even if I would like to have more new questions.

I've already used my trial but in the end, all I can really testify is some scenarios with my VM and docker and the rest like Vmware, OpenStack, Kubernetes, AWS, etc it's not possible to testify because I have no such environment to access.

The documentation is useful, yes but in my opinion, it gives you a lot of info (obviously) and in my opinion, a lot of information lead you to nowhere, or at least it won't help you to focus on crucial point for the exam.

Is there any way to compare my knowledge about dDynatrace before giving the actual exam?

Thanks in advance for your suggestion and help

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Hi, Kenneth. Can you send me please.

I can.  you will start sending to people who ask?

Dynatrace Certified Professional

If that's okay with you, I can do it.



that would be awesome.  Sending over what I have.

Dynatrace Certified Professional

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Dynatrace Certified Professional

I'm very sorry, I miswrote the email.

Hi Kenneth, Thanks for your assistance. Could you assist me please? My ID ""

DynaMight Advisor
DynaMight Advisor

Please send emails to for exam preparation info

Dynatrace Certified Professional


Can anyone help me with some good materials for Dynatrace Associate certification?

Thanks in advance.