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Observability Tips for healthy Kubernetes Platforms and Workloads

Published on ‎14 Mar 2024 10:04 AM by Community Team

Kubernetes, often referred to as the “platform for building platforms,” has gained widespread adoption among enterprise organizations. It empowers them to efficiently run, manage, and orchestrate containerized environments at scale. However, understanding your Kubernetes (k8s) cluster can vary significantly based on your role.

  1. Platform Engineers: These intrepid explorers dive into a sea of metrics, events, and logs. Their mission? To unravel the reliability and health of the Kubernetes cluster. They navigate the intricate ecosystem, ensuring smooth sailing for critical workloads.
  2. Project Teams: For project teams, the focus shifts. They need granular details to troubleshoot their applications effectively. Metrics, traces, profiling data, and events become their compass. And finally, logs—the treasure trove of insights—guide them through the labyrinth of behavior anomalies.

Recently, Dynatrace introduced an innovative Kubernetes experience. Now, any engineer can diagnose their environment’s health. Dynatrace allows you to collect your own logs and metrics, seamlessly ingesting them back into the platform.

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll delve into practical strategies:

  • Collecting Logs and Metrics: Learn how to gather essential telemetry data using your favorite agent. We’ll explore the metadata needed to align this data with specific Kubernetes objects.
  • Agent Showdown: Compare two popular agents in the market: Fluent Bit and the OpenTelemetry Collector. Discover their strengths and nuances and the value of Using The Dynatrace Opentelemetry Collector Distro.
  • Critical Data Points: Remind yourself of the important metrics that we need to observe to have reliable Collectors
  • Autoscaling Rules: Witness an example of autoscaling rules based on Dynatrace metrics for the OpenTelemetry collector.

Whether you’re a seasoned Kubernetes pro or a curious newcomer, join us for actionable insights. Operate your cluster confidently with Dynatrace and external agents.


Henrik Rexed @HenrikRexed - Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace

Registration: CLICK HERE

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Tue, Mar 26, 2024 04:00 PM GMT
Tue, Mar 26, 2024 05:00 PM GMT
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