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Kubernetes, known as the “platform for building platforms,” has broad adoption among enterprise organizations in running, managing, and orchestrating containerized environments at scale. Kubernetes-centric requires numerous expertise to deliver reliable applications. This complex environment of interconnected technologies across a containerized environment introduces various challenges related to visibility, resource utilization, security, orchestration, and collaboration. To tackle these challenges, Dynatrace developed a purpose-built solution for platform engineering teams that reduces complexity through automated workflows, including auto-scaling, deployment validation, and anomaly remediation. In this webinar, we will uncover the power of Dynatrace's platform, helping platform engineers gain invaluable insights and a comprehensive view of the health and state of their Kubernetes clusters. Henrik Rexed and Florian Geigl will walk you through the features and capabilities of the Dynatrace application, showcasing how it streamlines the diagnosis, analysis, and enhancement of Kubernetes resource definitions. Key highlights of the webinar include: Understanding the various tasks that a Platform engineer has to handle to help the team build and deploy reliable applications Unveiling the diagnostic and optimization potential of the Dynatrace application Examples of Dynatrace query Language helping you to identify unoptimized resources Example of Dynatrace workflow: generating alerts if application team is not respecting our platform requirements interacting with Dynatrace Edge Connect Whether you're a seasoned Kubernetes professional or just diving into container orchestration, this webinar promises insights and actionable strategies to help you efficiently manage your Kubernetes environments. Join us for an illuminating session on mastering Kubernetes with Dynatrace!" --- Speakers: Henrik Rexed - @HenrikRexed Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace Florian Geigl - @florian_g Senior Product Manager at Dynatrace --- Registration: CLICK HERE
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Join us for a series of webinars and live demos to explore Dynatrace’s unique approach to securing cloud-native applications at runtime combined with intelligent automation. Connect with your Dynatrace local Application Security and Analytics team and have your questions answered directly by the experts.   As the recent MOVEit mass exploit demonstrated, ensuring that all applications are secured and protected against potential threats is essential. Yet, despite the use of Application Security testing tools, critical vulnerabilities (like SQL injection in the case of MOVEit) frequently leak into production. This makes it crucial to continuously evaluate applications for security issues, even after they are deployed.  In this 30-minute Power Demo, learn how you can use Dynatrace Application Security solutions to:  Continuously monitor both pre-production and production application environments for code-level vulnerabilities. Automatically evaluate all requests passing through your applications to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Leverage deep code-level insights into each detected vulnerability to implement targeted remediation. Precisely block exploits on code-level vulnerabilities until they are remediated.   --- Speakers (depending on the event): - Chad Alpert - Regional Director, APAC, Application Security at Dynatrace - Kevin Leng @kevin_leng - Director, APAC Security Solutions Engineering at Dynatrace - Rajiv Immanuel @chmod_777 - Lead Security Solutions Engineer at Dynatrace - Ved Prakash - Security Sales Specialist at Dynatrace - Alvin Rodrigues - Security Sales Specialist at Dynatrace --- Registration: CLICK HERE
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Friday, January 26, 2024
This year, during our last day of celebrating the Community Manager Appreciation Day (which we extended to a whole week!), we're putting a digital spin on the good old game of charades. Join us and other Community members to play and have a blast together! 🎮 Game On: In each round, two randomly selected players will be our artists. Your job? Guess the word they're assigned to portray by combining their two drawings. For example, one person needs to draw "fire" and the other "wall," so the correct answer is a firewall. Guess as many times as you want— there are no limits. The faster you think, the more points you'll earn! So, save the date and be ready to join us to practice yourself both in guessing and drawing! The charade theme will be everything related to software, so it's a chance to show off your tech expertise as well. 🙂 SIDE NOTE: You'll need to draw things, so decide where you feel more comfortable - on your mobile phone, drawing on your touchscreen, or your PC, using the touchpad. Both devices are available, but you need to enter the charades (not Zoom) room using the one you want to play on. We recommend joining on your smartphone - that way, you can play, simultaneously observing what's going on at Zoom without switching between your tabs. --- Hosts: Karol Wiśniewski, @KarolWisniewski - Software Engineer Intern at Dynatrace Agata Włodarczyk, @AgataWlodarczyk - Community Specialist at Dynatrace --- Registration: 1. Join a scheduled Zoom call by CLICKING HERE 2. Join the online charades room using the pin displayed on the meeting screen (we'll explain to you in detail how to do it)
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Event has ended
Wednesday, February 14, 2024