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Tuesday, June 13, 2023
The release of the Dynatrace AppEngine and Dynatrace Apps opens a vast range of possibilities for unleashing the power of your data by creating custom, compliant, and intelligent data-driven apps. You’re no longer limited to the out-of-the-box functionality in our product, making it easier than ever to untap the limitless potential of Dynatrace to fulfill your use cases.   Through the power of our AppEngine, Grail, the Dynatrace Query Language (DQL), and our developer tooling, you can easily create powerful apps using React, TypeScript, App Functions, and the Strato design system.   In this “Ask Me Anything” live session we invite you to join us to talk about everything related to building or running Dynatrace Apps. In the meantime, if you’d like to get up to speed on the topic, check out our Dynatrace Developer forum as well as our AppEngine material:   Learn more about AppEngine    Read more about AppEngine in our blog post: Dynatrace AppEngine: Anything thinkable is now possible    Watch our Live Perform Breakout session: Operationalize insights and answers with Dynatrace  Register to join us and make sure to bring your questions on Dynatrace Apps. We’ll do our best to answer them all during the stream!     - - - LINK TO THE MEETING: ➡️ LIVE STREAM - - - SPEAKERS:  Guests: Dirk Wallerstorfer, @dirk_wall, Principal Product Manager at Dynatrace Stefan Wasserbauer, @sw, Product Manager at Dynatrace Host: Robert Axelsen, @robaxelsen,  Manager Platform Enablement & Organization Lead at Dynatrace Co-host: Sinisa Zubic, @sinisa_zubic, Senior Platform Developer Advocate at Dynatrace 
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Event has ended
Wednesday, July 19, 2023
Kubernetes has become the go-to platform for deploying applications in recent years. And while it offers a multitude of impressive features, it also comes with a set of responsibilities and potential challenges – specifically around running scalable and resilient workloads. That’s why our latest Observability Clinic addresses two critical production scenarios that have emerged in the context of Kubernetes. Substantial increase in response time after optimizing the resource allocation of the cluster. The side-effects of auto-scaling and its impact on other workloads. To help identify those scenarios in your own cloud environment, Henrik Rexed, Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace, will guide you through Kubernetes event monitoring and essential metrics best practices. You’ll see firsthand how the latest Dynatrace Kubernetes capabilities automate the detection and prevention of problems like these. This clinic will also shed light on CNCF Keptn Metric Server's capabilities, emphasizing how it empowers users to configure practical and efficient autoscaling rules. By leveraging the Metric server, attendees will gain valuable insights into configuring realistic scaling parameters and optimizing their Kubernetes deployments. Join us for this comprehensive guide to understanding and mitigating common challenges faced when utilizing Kubernetes, with a specific focus on observability and efficient autoscaling.  - - - Speakers: Andreas Grabner, @andreas_grabner, Global Technology Lead at Dynatrace Henrik Rexed, @HenrikRexed, Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace - - - Registration: ➡️ LINK
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