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AMQ Artemis Monitoring


Hi, does Dynatrace monitor any queue from AMQ Artemis?

Even if, while configuring the jmx plugin via Webui, I can see the addresses, queues and broker in the end the plugin itself doesn't show any data.

I'm fully aware that a standard plugin exist ActiveMQ JMX and even this one doesn't work ootb for my artemis AMQ.

Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Thank you


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Yann B.,

Yes, Dynatrace does support monitoring of ActiveMQ. List of collected metrics available on the following page:

With OneAgent in full-stack mode on your consumer/producer applications, you will also be able to see queue listener and messaging services:


Andrew M.

Andrew M.


as mentionet above I'm aware of this plugin but, since this is not working out of the box in my environment and the AMQ are specifically from Artemis and are managed by a tool called AMQ Broker I was wondering if there was any problem in monitoring those specific kind of queue

(more on the subject I'm creating JMX plugin without any success till now)


Hi Yann,

I am working on an Dynatrace JMX extension for Artemis MQ, as the Mbeans differ from the Classic ActiveMQ. Stay tuned.
Andrew M.

Andrew M.

Hi, I know it's been a long time, but with Dynatrace the more people see it the more people want it and I was literally kidnapped by everyone! 😄

I have some news for you: I had the problem of not seeing the amq queue from Red Hat AMQ broker and I was not in control of the product itself so I had to rely on feedback from other teams.

After reviewing the Red Hat product documentation (in witch I'm not an expert) I found a document that said that in order to enable jmx publishing the admin of the product had to insert this line at the startup of the process:

So I went into Dynatrace, I saw that the parameter wasn't in the start up command line of the process and the admin was asked to insert it.

After that everything was visible out of the box (as you were expecting and experiencing) [with the custom jmx plugin]

Also Dynatrace help doc. said it in the prerequisite but of course the doc. cannot point specifically on various usecases.

Sooo, thanks again for the answer and the support you provided in this thread 🙂

Hi @y_buccellato ,


I built an extension for both the embedded RedHat JBoss activemq subsystem (based on Artemis) and another for the Artemis standalone server.


No Dynatrace JMX extension should ever require the remote JMX to be enabled, as we do not connect to a remote port. However, why that may be required on your app server may depend on how the particular Java app/container was written (for example, maybe only certain statistics counters become enabled implicitly with the remote JMX switched to on).

Dynatrace collects metrics locally as it is bound to the process code. The problem here is that some software projects are now looking at hardening the local access to JMX, so even if you don't use remote JMX, then potentially user/password or similar security options may be enforced (and so it restricts local access to particular Mbeans).

Andrew M.

In particular, for RedHat Artemis embedded, you will need to enable the statistics collection for that subsystem.


Andrew M.

Hi, I was researching a little bit more and seems that this guy already did the job:

If you have a lot of queue you'll spent a lot of DDU!