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Active Directory Monitoring


How can Dynatrace observe Active Directory health without OneAgent?

  • I checked on Dynatrace Hub - Extension for Active Directory Services is coming soon but the documentation doesn't suggest details of metrics available with this extension.
  • Is it feasible to enable Real User Monitoring in Active Directory (with/without Auto Injection)?
  • Monitoring requirement is to monitor services which end users are using like
    • Authentication

    • LDAP

    • DNS


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

unfortunately there isn't much data on this yet, I'm sure there will be once the extension becomes GA


Thanks @ChadTurner, is there any timeline for the extension release?

I am also looking out for samples where OneAgent helps to monitor authentication service for Active Directory. I am following up on another Community conversation

and wish to know if anyone has achieved this with OneAgent.

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