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Agent Plugin Deployment


Hi All,

I believe currently that agent (local) plugin deployment is not managed by Dynatrace and requires the plugin files to be copied to the agents where its desired to be run (either manually or using a deployment tool such as ansible).

Is there any plan to make this more managed by Dynatrace - i.e. perhaps the plugin could be uploaded to Dynatrace and then agents always download the latest available version from the DT Cluster? (In the same vein as plugins are managed in AppMon currently).

Best regards,


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


we've got such requirement on our list but but currently is not scheduled so don't expect it in nearest future.



I was asking for this as well and got a valuable answer from @Bartosz B. that this decision is there for a security reason. Allowing distribution and execution of 3rd party code just via Dynatrace agent would open the possibility to gain control over monitored systems for anyone being able to upload and push plugin.

There is (currently) no option to execute any commands on target systems and this is in contrast with old-gen monitoring tools. In the "old times" with being the owner of the monitoring tool with proper knowledge made you a global superadmin 🙂

I think it is a wise idea to disallow the distribution of plugin code or execution of arbitrary commands. Maybe an opt-in functionality would be fine, but this would still be in control of Dynatrace installation owner.


Automatic plugin distribution is something which we want to have. We need to build a bulletproof solution which will be 100% safe which complicates a lot. We have this on the radar, it is not yet scheduled.