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Containerized Active Gate and Plugin Execution Controller

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Since the containerized active gate doesn't OOTB support the extension execution I was looking in the documentation and found this.

This mentiones that the extension execution controller can be executed standalone.
That made me wonder if it would be possible to set up a containerized service, one container for the AG and one (or multiple) only for the extension execution controller? This would apply the best practice to only have one process per container.
Has anyone ever done this? What would speak against having multiple EEC pointing to a isolated Active gate with the above config options?

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Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


It's a bit more complicated.

In general there are 2 "base processes" - ActiveGate and Extension Execution Controller, this part you've got right -  both can containerized and configured to talk to each other. But Extension Execution Controller does not gather data (as in - it does not actually execute SNMP or Oracle extension). EEC starts another processes that do it - we call them Datasources.

You would need more containers that execute Datasources, but also modify EEC to not start actuall datasource processes in it's own container.

Hi @maciej_grynda ,

one of the fellow DynaMights pointed me to the ef20-k8s-example github project. Took a quick look and I got the concept now. However it is a bit dated and I'm wondering how this all will work with the newer hub extension on grail now...
I guess maintaining that configuration to have it working on K8s with frequent updates to extensions (e.g. Elasticsearch extension) will be a pain in the ....
Is there anything planned to support this usecase from a product side at all?

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It's dated and lacks a lot of features, it was created as a POC

We want to support Prometheus extensions later this year

Hm, thought so.
Prometheus exporters won't help that much. I'm more interested in a solution for extensions like ES, databases etc. where API calls or custom queries are performed against the to-be-monitored services.

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