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Creation of a 2.0 extension using SQL Oracle datasource


I am continuing to develop our 2.0 extension to replace the existing 1.0 db queries extension and have a few additional questions.

1. Using the sqlOracle datasource is it possible to have multiple different queries within 1 subgroup? Or is it a 1 to 1 relationship? I have multiple queries I want to run on the same database, some are querying different tables. Ideally I prefer to have 1 subgroup contain all queries I want to run against that database instead of having multiple groups, then having to name each one of them. It's just a bit simpler if you can have 1 subgroup, or even 1 group for that matter.

2. How can I associate a problem to a custom device. I am tracking when specific errors occur such as 'Connection exists but no metrics have been produced'. Each query should be associated with a custom device (for the most part this is working) but when a problem is created for the error, it is not associated with the device that has the query. The idea behind this is that each team owns a custom device and therefore the queries associated with them so if specific errors occur for any of their queries, a problem is created and tied to the device and shows at the device level when viewing it in dynatrace. Within the metric event I have, I am using 'Oracle Database Queries' as the dimension key of entity for events (also what is in the yaml screenshot below for the display name) but the problem is still showing up as impacting our environment, via the Impacted column in the problems page. It instead should have the custom device as what is being impacted.


3. I'm trying to associate each query to a custom device. I have the code below where I am using a metric key prefix. Is it possible to use a dimension that is added to each query to determine what custom device the metric is associated with? In this example the management_zone dimension. So if I have query 1 with a dimension of management_zone:1 then it should be apart of custom device 1. If I have query 2 with a dimension of management_zone:2 then it should be apart of custom device 2. I rather not be tied to the metric key here for the condition. In our example it is much simpler to use a dimension since we know it will exist on all metrics, rather than worrying about ensuring the metric key satisfies a naming standard.



4. How can we add properties to the custom device without adding it as a dimension? I have the 2 properties below that are on the custom device but they are there because I added them as a dimension. Within the yaml itself is it possible to add a custom property to the custom device?




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